Basic One Plane Golf Swing Tips

Posted by oneplanegolfswing on 12:41 PM, 03-Mar-15


When it comes to advice to get a person's golf swing, the individual will usually find that there are 2 trains of thought. Each train of thought possesses its own idea about how a swing action should be carried out, with regards to form. There is the one plane swing movement, and there is the two plane swing movement. This talk of planes arises from the fact that a visual analysis of each and every type of swing is often preoccupied by the angles how the various parts of the body take, from addressing the ball to completing your backswing. - Inside out golf swing

While there are definitely many pro players using swings that do not fall neatly into one category or any other, it is usually possible to say whether the player is predominantly one plane or two planes. The fundamental pros and cons of each type are that the one plane swing movement tends to be simpler plus more repeatable, but there is a sacrifice when it comes to power. The two plane swing allows golfers to generate more power, but because the limbs and lower body are moving along two angles, there is certainly more room to acquire things wrong or execute your swing imperfectly.

One of the first tips when it comes to improving a one plane swing movement is that you need to prepare your body for it. Are this swing necessarily demands a lot of flexibility and strength in particular muscle groups. You will need to gauge your existing level of strength and suppleness, and then go about improving these. As an example, it has been noted it's important for a golfer to possess flexible hamstrings if he or she really wants to be able to effectively conduct a one plane swing action.

To test for this, you can try to stand up straight, move you close together, and then attempt to touch your fingers to your toes or to the bottom. Is this something that you can accomplish with relatively minimal effort, or fairly easily? You might need the case, that means that your hamstring flexibility can be the task. However, in case a golfer struggles to touch his or her toes, this shows that there is a flexibility issue which will restrict the ability to carry out the one plane golf swing. If you work out in a gym, you can ask the teacher there what kinds of stretches can be carried out to increase hamstring flexibility.

It is also important to work on your core strength, namely the abdominals, as well as the strength of your lattisimus dorsi or lats. The lats are situated alongside the spine of the baby, below the shoulders. Strength within the abs and lats will allow the golfer to higher maintain the form throughout how the one plane swing movement requires. It will also help with regards to generating enough power to send the soccer ball the required distance. Again, talk with your gym instructor about the exercises that can be done to focus on these important muscle groups.

Moving on to form, you should take documentation of the one plane swing movement as it is now, to be able to know what you�re starting form is. Most players try this by using a video camera to adopt footage of their swing from various angles. Since cameras on cellphones are relatively common, and cameras are able to take video as well, it should not be difficult to collect this kind of important footage. It'll then be simple to take freeze frames or stills from your video, and apply lines to these images at certain chosen points, so that you can better visualise the kind of angles and planes your motion goes through.

Though it may be helpful to have a look at this kind of video yourself, the truth is it can be confusing to do this kind of analysis, if you are not used to it. The one plane golf swing takes place over a very short amount of time, so it can be difficult to truly gauge how close you are getting to the ideal form. This is when a golf coach or instructor can enter in the picture. This person's job is focused on analysing the swings of various golfers and comparing these to the ideal form. See what you can do about availing of the assistance of one, so that they might take a closer look at your footage and form.

These are simply some of the first tips that you need to consider, when it comes to improving a 1 plane golf swing. There are others, but it is essential that you take care of these first. - Inside out golf swing